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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:


Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

February 2016

Dear friends,

My recent visit to Gaza, 7th - 15th February, was very fruitful and encouraging. I travelled the same road as usual, going through the Jordanian border, the Israeli check points (several), and the Palestinian Authority check point. I met my friend, Pastor Bill, at the Erez crossing and we entered Gaza together. First we had to go through the PA checkpoint and then the Hamas checkpoint. Then we went to my parents' home in Gaza.

Images for Feb 2016 update

Our first call when we arrived on Sunday after lunch was at Gaza Baptist church. There we ministered to the church, encouraging them with God's Word. Pastor Bill preached and I translated and the next Sunday I preached. As always we visited the Light House School, ministering to the teachers and encouraging the students.

We heard from many Christians want to leave Gaza as soon as they can because, due to the siege of the last 10 years, they see no hope and they feel there is no future for their children. As well as that there are groups within Gaza who are pushing for a more radical Islamization of society. On top of that the economic situation is really bad. Unemployment is over 80% amongst new graduate students in Gaza.

We visited so many families, to encourage, to counsel and to pray. We also helped more than 20 Christian families with necessities they need for their homes and their families. It was a great blessing to see how people were encouraged by our visits despite the horrible situation. We rejoiced as we were able help our brothers and sisters and their families with their material needs. In previous visit We were also able to reach out to the refugees in Gaza, those people who have lived in refugee camps since 1948 (who are not Christians).

A few months ago we were able to show God's love to 4 families(not Christians ) and one single man in the refugee camps. In Beraij camp we met a family of 6 people. Both parents are deaf and mute. They are unemployed and have no income. It was winter and they has a leak in their roof! We got the roof fixed and also gave them a washing machine and a second-hand refrigerator. In these ways we brought God's love to them. We prayed with them and brought the Lord's presence into their home.

The second family we helped there consisted of 10 people. The father is disabled and cannot work. We made temporary repairs to the roof and windows of this miserable house. We also gave them a cooker and a fridge.

The third home we helped contained a single young man. This 'home' was not fit for anyone to live in; it had no door, no windows and no steps to get into it. We couldn't do everything that was needed but we did our best to make things better for the man by building steps into his home.

We also helped two families in Nuseirat Refugee Camp. The first family had 9 people in it. The father is sick and unemployed. His family are mostly children so there is no income in this household. We were able to fix the floor of this house including in the bathroom.

The second family we helped in Nuseirat Camp was made up of five people. No-one had a job. We helped them by fixing the floor of the house.

Please look at the pictures to see some of the help we provided for all of these dear people. I'm glad that, through CMG, we have been able to do all this, to reach out with Christ's love in practical way to people who live in one of the most difficult places in the world.

Of course CMG is only able to do all this because of your partnership in praying and giving. If the Lord puts it in your heart to give to CMG at this moment please send your donation to our new address.

Christian Mission to Gaza
255 E. Santa Clara Street, Suite 100
Arcadia, CA 91006

Once again, thanks for all your support.



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