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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:


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Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

December 14, 2015

Dear friends,

These are short stories of Syrian refugees families in Jordan. Christian Mission to Gaza helped them with food and other necessities while partnering with Global Hope Network International. We were able to do this because of your care, your giving and your love in Christ.



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This Syrian family includes 6 children: 3 boys and 3 girls. The father is blind because of a rocket.

He was a farmer in Syria. He produced wheat but government didn't like them. Their home was bombed so they had to move, but the new place got bombed too. They found the 3rd home in a farm area. The niece and nephew have been put in jail, sister in law has been killed after. The brother has been thrown into jail as well as been killed and their home was destroyed. All the family members got injured. After all these tragedies they have been facing and going through, the father has mentioned while telling us what he got though, "They keep following us as we move from village to village; we didn't know what to do and where to go." So finally they decided to come to Jordan hoping to get an eye surgery as the father wished to see his 9 grand children as he can't enjoy the blessing of seeing them.


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This family lives in the lower level of the building. As you may heard of the heavy rain Jordan experienced last few weeks; that has caused much damage to so many people. This family was one of those families whose house was flooded by the rain. In this home lives a brother, his wife, his children, his 3 sisters; one is a widow in full black covering - she has 2 children. The sisters looked very young and malnourished, as well as a very elderly grandmother, she is blind and sitting on mattress.

This house has total of 15 individuals old and young. The man who is responsible for the house called Abu Muhammad (The Father of Muhammad). Because of the bombs and explosions they had to move, they had to hide in stores. They left in a car with 8 people in a Suzuki. The old grandmother wanted to venture out for supplies but going only 15 meters a missile hit the car and went right through her. Abu Muhammad was injured also. They went back to family farm and then the army came and took the grandfather. He survived for 8 months in prison but because of the beatings in prison he could not last long. He was 65 years old. They got cars for families to come to Jordan and Abu Muhammad walked 2 months till he arrived to Jordan on Feb of 2011.


Ahmad Abdi Ilkareem lived in a village in Damascus (Artoz). He said, "The area where I lived was getting attacked by the army, because the free Army was there. I was working without taking sides with any party in the war (live fence). In that day many bombs fell down on the street. Two came to my house directly and destroyed the house while I was still in it. Thank God that this took a place I sent my family to another city. I got wounded by shrapnel; my friends and cousins took me to the Jordanian border to go to the hospital. There I got surgery to my leg because I had cut in two nerves in my leg, now I can't sense my foot. And I'm seeing a physiotherapist in Amman every week.


Meet Abu Mohammad. He told me (talking to our partner) a story which he saw in his village back in Syria when the army came to his village to arrest the men. He said:

"They entered a house of a family who were 4 men, 3 ladies and 3 children. The sound of gun shots filled the neighborhood but no one had the boldness to go and check what was going on. Yes, we were all afraid... No, we were scared to death, we could not move. When the army members left we went to check our neighbors but everyone were killed. All of them, they kept no one; they killed the men, the women and even the little children. After they have killed them they burned them not by fire but by a chemical weapon. It was a disaster, a broken mess... We put them all in one bag. I can't forget this picture. I can't take that scene from my head though I want to..." (He said that with tears in his eyes!)

(There are no photos for these two stories for security issues. Thank you for understanding!)


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This is a family from Syria who has been here for couple of years. They live in Madaba. Tyseer's sister lives in England and we have a Jordanian friend who is living there as well; somehow they met one another and connected together. Our friend now is following Tyseer's sister and her family. The church there is taking care of them. When the sister had experienced the true meaning of care and love she asked our Jordanian friend if she can connect her brother (Tyseer) who considers Jordan a place of refuge for himself and his family, and through that we came to know Tyseer and his family. Our team went and visited them. Their situation is terrible, they have no money at all, and nobody is helping them.

The wife was pregnant in her 9th month. They were too weary and burdened as they had no money for the hospital when the time came for the wife to give birth! These moments---supposed to be a happy moments for any family---turned to a burden as nothing is provided for them and the new born baby... What a miserable situation for the parents.

What a joy and honor to be part of this family's storyline; we have covered the hospital expenses for them which was 150JD! Wow, if you could see that priceless, relieved smile which brightened their weary faces. God is good and he cares that he sent us specifically at that time. Also we provided 20JD to buy some good food and vitamins as the wife as you see in the picture doesn't look like a wife in her 9th month, she is very skinny! Later during the visit we discovered that their son has an eye problem; he doesn't see when there is a light. How could we not put a smile on this dear boy's face by helping him to see like those are in his age? We listened, were moved and we took an action of love; which giving his daddy 80JD to provide his son sight. What an honor to be part of such a story.


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These dear kids have been through a lot in such a very young age, they have lost their father during the war in Syria and because of all these horrible accidents they had to face as a family, they lost their mom. She isn't dead physically but she is emotionally and mentally, she has lost her mind. The war and the loss of her husband has affected her psychologically in a bad way the much they had to take the kids away from her as one day she was going to harm and kill one of them subconsciously. Now the kids are living with their grandma.

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