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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:


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Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

March-May 2015

Dear friends,

Greetings from Amman! I hope you are doing well. I want to share with you some of the work we did recently, working alongside one of our partner organisations, to help the poorest people in Gaza during the months of March until May. I want you to know where your generous donations went and to understand how you have helped so many people in great need.

We were able to help 73 families with food parcels. Each food parcel is worth about $50. The parcels consist of rice, various types of beans, cooking oil, tinned Tuna, cheese, sugar and spaghetti.

We were also able, thanks to you, to help 132 families by providing medicines which they needed but could not afford to buy.

Another way we help families is by assisting them in repairing war damage to their homes. This work includes rebuilding walls, repairing roofs and fixing doors and windows. We have also helped out some families by fixing their water supplies and by getting woodwork painted.

And, finally, I'm glad to say we were able to assist 100 children with items of clothing for their school uniforms and other things they need for their schoolwork.

I've included some pictures of people you have helped. Thank you so much for all your donations!

May the Lord bless you!


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