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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:

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September 2014

Dear friends,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support of our work in Gaza. I have just returned from ministering in Gaza for one week along with Pastor Bill. We were there for seven days and saw the devastation first hand all over Gaza as we travelled and ministered. The war last 51 days and we went into Gaza just two weeks after the war ended. The situation in Gaza is now more desperate than we have ever seen. Over 2,000 people were killed; 14,000 people wounded; over 17,000 homes, buildings and businesses were totally destroyed. The human cost is immeasurable--it will take years and years to rebuild Gaza if it is ever rebuilt.

Pastor Hanna Massad and Pastor Bill Devlin on the first day of our visit to Gaza!Pastor Hanna Massad and Pastor Bill Devlin on the first day of our visit to Gaza!

Why did we travel into Gaza so soon after the war? This was a strategic decision in which we wanted to bring the love of God to Gaza soon after the war because the needs were so great. Over the week we were there we made dozens of home visits to Christian families-to listen to their pain, to hear their stories, to pray for them and to practically help them. With your support we were able to help all of the families we visited-thank you. There are many challenges in Gaza-and we were there to meet those challenges, to the glory of God.

When we heard of a need, we went to the home, listened to the need, prayed and then delivered help. We heard of a young woman in the Christian community who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer-at the age of 20 years old. We went to the home, met with her and her mother and father, prayed for her and her family and helped them with a financial gift. These visits are a great encouragement to the Christian families, particularly now that these families have been devastated by the 51 day war. Christians are discouraged and need a listening ear, words of encouragement and a helping hand in the Name of Jesus. This is what is needed right now in Gaza. Because of your support, you make Christian Mission to Gaza be on the front lines in Gaza.

We were also able to visit three Christian families who have new babies. It is a joy to see these parents raising their children in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Sunday we were in Gaza, we dedicated little Fareed and his parents to the Lord. We followed the call of Jesus who said, "Let the little children come to me for of such is the Kingdom of God."

We dedicate little 2 month old Fareed to the Lord!We dedicate little 2 month old Fareed to the Lord!

We were able to help over 700 families, both Muslims and Christians, with much needed food and medicine. I’m also really pleased that the "Back to School" project has been able to help families by providing notebooks and schoolbags for their children.

During this week in Gaza, we were also able to go into the Deir al-Balah Camp in southern Gaza near the Rafah Crossing and bring food boxes and financial help to many families in the Camp. We visited many families in the camp on a Friday afternoon. These families were able to receive food boxes that your support provided. They were very, very encouraged and grateful. At times, CMG hearing of a need, was able to purchase a kitchen appliance-stove or small refrigerator, fix a roof and provide school supplies for the children of the family in the camp. The needs are so huge that our resources cannot cover everything that needs to be done. But we pray that our gifts will bless people as we try to help in Jesus' name and, at the same time, reassure them that, despite all they've been through, God still loves them.

One morning, we visited the Manara Lighthouse School in the Zeitoun neighbourhood of Gaza and share the Word of God with the teachers who teach at this school where CMG also provides uniforms for the children. This school serves the poorest of the poor in Gaza and CMG is happy that your support assists us to assist them with educating the poorest children in Gaza. We have also been able to provide a high protein sandwich, for lunch, for the 290 children at the school, which they will receive each school day for the next three months.

As you have read, the situation in Gaza is grim and desperate. Just two weeks after the 51 day war, CMG was able to enter and be "the hands and feet of Jesus" to the people of Gaza. Thank you for kind and generous support of prayers and financial investment in CMG-because of you, CMG was there to help, listen, encourage, and pray for dozens of families. Thank you very much.

Pastor Hanna Massad for Christian Mission to Gaza

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