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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:

Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

March 2015

Dear friends,

I left Amman on Tuesday going to Gaza through Jericho (where I've just had a very tough time from the Israeli authorities who made it very difficult for me to return to Amman) It took several hours to get through the Eraz crossing, moving from one check point to another until I arrived to Gaza with my friend pastor Bill.

I was very happy to see the city of Gaza and the people I have loved my entire life. We visited many people and many families in their homes and also at the school and hospital and church. In all these places we ministered, taught, preached, prayed, listened, counselled and encouraged. We preached at Gaza Baptist church and taught devotions at the Lighthouse School. We went to the hospital and prayed for the sick.

I found this visit much more difficult than the one I did last September after the war. The situation now is much worse. People have not been able to build their homes after the war. Some still live in caravans or in the UN schools because they do not have homes to go to. The economic situation is worse because the Palestinian Authority is not able to pay full salaries to their employees because Israel continues to hold back the PA tax money.

There is a new fear which is concerning the Christians in Gaza. For the first time ISIS flags were raised at a rally. The rally was protesting against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The small Christian community (1,300 people) feel that their lives may be in danger from this new threat and don't know yet how to cope with it.

The mother who needed an eye operation.The mother who needed an eye operation.

Thank God that, at this stage, Hamas in Gaza seems to be keeping things under control. But we do not know if they will be able to keep things under control for much longer because the siege under which the people in Gaza live is making life almost intolerable. Unemployment stands at 60%. Graduates cannot find work. The hospitals are at breaking point and the people's health is deteriorating. There is only electricity for 6 hours each day. The water is very salty and cannot even be used for showers. The general feeling of the people I met with is that Gaza is ready to explode in anger.

God gave us the opportunity to serve our people who live under these horrible circumstances, who are without hope, paralyzed by fear and seemingly without a future. We encouraged and blessed the people and we saw that their spirits were lifted as we prayed and ministered God's Word to them. We too were blessed as we helped many people with their physical needs.

One of the stories which touched our hearts concerned a non-Christian family of six people who lived in just one room. Both parents are sick. The mother is 27 years old and almost blind and cannot leave her bed because of an eye problem which affects her balance. Because of this she is not able to look after her family. She needs an operation on her eyes but the operation is not available in Gaza. There is a church in Austria which contacted me and they want to help them. We visited this family and listened to their story. We tried to encourage them and we prayed with them. We continue to pray that it will be possible for this lady to go abroad to have the operation she needs so badly.

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for the safety of the Christian community in Gaza. Pray that they will know God's peace.
  • Please pray that the Church in Gaza will continue to minister to all those in need.
  • Please pray CMG will be able to continue to minister to the Christian community and to the wider community.
  • Please pray for the mother who needs an eye operation.
  • Please pray for a real solution for the Gaza situation and the Palestinian problem in general.
  • Please pray about the turmoil engulfing the Middle East. Pray that God will use it to expand His kingdom.

Pastor Hanna Massad for Christian Mission to Gaza

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