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Welcome to Christian Mission to Gaza! Our mission is to one of the most heavily populated and needy cities in the world. Our goals are:

Latest E-mail News from the Massad Family:

August 7, 2014


Dear friends,

Very recently, due to the desperate situation which was unfolding in Gaza, I wrote to you to ask for more prayers to be said. The Lord has heard all our prayers and, as I write this, I am pleased to say that the recently announced cease-fire seems to be holding.

Whilst it is good that the fighting has stopped, at least for now, the situation in Gaza is desperate. Here are some of the shocking statistics:

  • Death Toll: 1,886 (According to UN 72% are civilians)
  • Serious Injuries: 10,000
  • Displaced people: 400,000 (25% of the population)
  • Number of people whose homes destroyed: 65,000
  • Factories destroyed: 134
  • Homes with no water supply: 70%

The devastation is huge. The estimated cost of reconstruction is $6 billion.

As I mentioned last time many people are running out of food. Since then I’ve been putting together a Relief Plan alongside a good friend from the Bible Society who is helping me with it. I’m pleased to say that we’ve started to get food parcels to people, both Christians and Muslims, who really need them.

The need is enormous. Perhaps, along with your continuing prayers for Gaza, you may wish to contribute financially to this special effort. If you would like to help in this way please send your donations to:

"Christian Mission to Gaza"
2920 Huntington Drive, Ste 130
San Marino, CA 91108

Thank you for your continued support.

PS. Please write in the Memo of your cheque for Gaza Relief


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